About Wisconsin Photography - Edmunds  Studios Photography

Doug and Teri (that's me) have been in the photography business for over 25 years. We originally met on the campus of UW-Madison from which we both graduated. Doug has a degree in Art Education, me a degree in Biochemistry.

Doug was in the process of changing his career from middle school art teacher to photographer. It began with an incredible fine art black and white portrait show title Citizen at the then new Madison Art Center. This was a cross section of personalities in Madison from the iconic State Street window washer, (everybody knew and loved Art), to the Mayor and Governor, and many personalities in between - artists, business people, lawyers, professors, musicians - a true cross section of the city at that time.

This was a huge success - it was clear that he had a natural talent to capture peoples personalities.

Believing that you are only one person away from meeting anyone in the world, Doug then asked everyone from Citizen who they knew on a national level. With personal introductions in hand, thus began a self-funded project whereby we traveled the country having one-on-one sessions that included personalities such as Andy Warhol, Ella Fitzgerald, Andy Rooney, Lou Harris (The Harris Polls), Aaron Copeland, Duane Michals (NY Photographer artist), Allen Ginsberg (one of the most respected Beat poets of his generation), Lilly Tomlin, just to name a few.

(During these years, I made my career change to Graphic Designer.)

In 1986 we moved to NYC where we officially incorporated our photography and graphic design business. Shortly thereafter our kids were born, prompting a move back to my home town of Cedarburg, Wisconsin, where we now run a successful commercial photography studio.

We truly love what we do.

Doug is great at capturing personalities with his camera. He is a kid at heart -- making sure everyone has fun while he is photographing them. I truly love working with the families and the images Doug has created.

Not only is Doug able to capture the personalities of people, - he also has a natural ability to capture the personalities of everything he photographs, - interior and exterior architecture, gemstones etc.

We look forward to giving you our best!